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YES!+ Bangalore organized the first ever Mantras workshop, with Bawa and Dinesh, in India. Here is a write-up on it by the organizer, Rehana.

It is said that there is a secret way to connect with the source of strength, courage, unity, peace and love. From ancient times, people guarded these secrets with utmost sanctity and honor. And these precious strings of words are what we call as Mantras.

Mantra is that which takes the mind inward and connects us to that source within from where one experiences peace and love. for every action in life, there is a mantra that one can chant and mantra makes every action sacred. Hence life becomes sacred and when life is sacred, it naturally becomes honored and joyful.

When 112 of us gathered at the Mantra workshop in Basavanagudi, we certainly had very little idea of the what to expect. All we knew was that this workshop had been conducted in London earlier and that it is good to learn mantras.

But from the moment we closed our eyes and Dinesh Bhaiyya began with the chants, the quiet and completeness we began to experience is inexplicable. It is then that I realized that even a mantra is a meditative experience coded open with sounds and with a super short time span.

Bawa was simply amazing(as always… ). He so beautifully helped us, the beings of 2012 era, relate to the most ancient language, through simple and mundane examples. Now none of us can ever forget any of it… ..

Bawa n Dinesh conducting the mantra workshop

As the team that put it together, Priyanka, Rohit, Suraj, Ashitosh, Maithri, Ujwal, Nilanjan & Farrah have no doubt earned the wishes of all in the workshop. Aditya, Asha, Sudarsan, Vinod, Darshan, Crispin too.

Hema di, in all Big mama style, backed us up with guidance all along and did the precious last minute support too.

It feels wonderful to be part of a family that works tirelessly on bringing love and peace to the world. This is ONLY a START!….

I’m glad to have begun



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  1. Good going.
    Really appreciated by this workshop

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