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Bangalore YES! + Flash mob dance

The latest in thing was the Flash mob by the YES!+ gang in a dozen different places, welcoming the people of bangalore town to the mega celebrations of Shivaratri this 20 Feb:-

check out the video here:-

And one more press release: – 



Bharatnatyam Dance Performances


Indian Classical Dance is an amazing dance form. Bharatnatyam, a geometrically asthetic dance form, encorporates Natyam:- the play, into the dance. With her Mother, Nirupama teaches Bharatnatyam in Vishwa Bharathi Natya Shala. The students of this dance academy gave excellent performance in National College Auditorium. Colorful costumes, fantastic beats and rythmic movements. Excellent coordination in the group, and meaninful facial expressions in the solo. Anyone who has ever taken part in a dance would know how much efforts have gone in! An audio visual treat.

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