Life and Adventures of YES!+ Youth

Trip to Shivsamudram Waterfalls

This one day picnic was simply exhuberant! We started out rather too early(6 or 7 am or something!) on a sunday morning in a bus…

In the Bus

So it was natural that some difficult-to-rise-up-early-birds dozzed off in the bus…!


But we woke them up soon with lot of hulla-gulla, had antakshari and started dancing in the bus!

ss21  Our YES!+ Teachers

Once we reached there, the view was so beautiful, the gushing water made nice sound!


After watching the Waterfall we sneaked into the backwaters of the river, asked the locals about the safest place, and dipped ourself into the river!! It was a thrill… We were in chest deep water, holding on to the rocks, some seating on them, some resting with back. We also stood still 5min and observed one-ness with the five elements in their magnonimity:- the water that made us feel light weight, the rocks, the breeze, the vast sky above and the Sunshine of noon! It was as if we dissolved there. Return to bank was tricky for some, as they had reached to farther rocks (since we were large in number, they had moved ahead to give space to all), and we made a human chain to get them all back… The water current was quite strong and our YES!+ teachers ensured our safety.

After drying up and snacks we went atop again before saying a bye!




A very memorable time indeed !


Comments on: "Trip to Shivsamudram Waterfalls" (2)

  1. Shailendra said:

    wow.. good fun u guys had!! was this the koramangla morning batch?

  2. This was with Smitha di and Akshay, some time ago.

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