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Bangalore YES! + Flash mob dance

The latest in thing was the Flash mob by the YES!+ gang in a dozen different places, welcoming the people of bangalore town to the mega celebrations of Shivaratri this 20 Feb:-

check out the video here:-

And one more press release: – 



Winter Break 2009-10

1400 Youth celebrated new year eve together on the Art of Living International Center. They had gathered there for the winter break from 26 Dec to 4 Jan. Check out Bawa’s excellent article on Winter break 2009-10.

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Inspiring Brilliance

Many people ask us, what is this YES!+ all about, can you give us a glimpse of it?

So here is a trailer:-

“Inspiring Brilliance” 

Every Thursday

Evening 6:30-8pm

Venue:- Jayaram Seva Mandali, Jayanagar

Contact:- 9241766013

Come along with friends and family, we will have great time with Bawa, learn new things, do some yoga and pranayama, meditate, and we will also do some energizing and relaxing chanting.

hypnotized by a Mathemagician…!

We had a great time with Bawa in the Mathemagic workshop yesterday in BIT College. He has this zeel to teach which makes even a subject like Mathematics so exciting! We had a tour in Algebra – simplifying it, Geometry – visualising it, Graph theory – how a practical problem can be phrased in simple mathematical terms, Calculus- demystifying it, Topology – how simple things can be totally counter-intuitive, and Number theory – the easy to understand problems don’t necessarily have trivial solutions, and much more!

We were studying mathematics for more than two hours, and didn’t feel it was that long!

Apart from Maths, Bawa also told stories about mathematicians and the world around them at that time. How the great library at Alexandria was burnt down and then shifted sources at Egypt also got destroyed and this crime against humanity set back the progress of human society a thousand years behind, starting a dark age of ignorance. How shy was Fermat, the story of Pythagorus, ancient Indian mathematician who discovered the Pythagorus theorem much before him, the story of why there is no nobel prize in maths!

Most importantly, Bawa gave that enthusiasm to learn new things, study the subject with all drive. 🙂

YES!+ at Lalbagh – II

Check out the wonderful articles and photos by Srikanth and Santosh. WAYE to go! Cheers!

My country is My Valentine!!


Raining inspirational words
It was organised by WAYE, the youth wing of Art of Living and saw a jam-packed audience of youngsters, getting together to spark the spirit of nationalism.

This year we will not ask anything from our nation, but will contribute our utmost instead,” said Rashmin, a senior international faculty of Art of Living while inaugurating the programme, My Country, My Valentine, that began on a serious note but ended with oodles of rollicking fun, laughter and music.

It was organised by World Alliance Of Youth Empowerment (WAYE), the youth wing of Art of Living and saw a jam-packed audience of youngsters, getting together to spark the spirit of nationalism. The session was divided in three parts: India’s Glory of the Past, Pains of the Present and Dreams of the Future.

“For thousands of years, the nation has been renowned for its spirituality. Today, the West is taking yoga and ayurveda from India, and India has taken fast-food and pop music. I don’t think it’s a fair exchange,”  he said further.

Amidst the audience’s oohs and aahs, startling facts were revealed in a presentation of ancient vedic scriptures that depicted  India’s advancement in science and technology thousands of years ago, like a shloka explaining Pythagoras Theorem 2,000 years ago before Pythagoras; the value of pi; and the Principle of Gravity. An ancient texts of Vimana shastra explained the principles of an aeroplane more than 7,000 years ago.

Going on to the second part of the evening, Rashmin spoke about some of the present facts about politics. “Our 
country gave Rs 50 crore to Harvard and Cambridge universities, when our own educational infrastructure is in doldrums.’’

The final part of the evening was about ‘How we can make a difference?’ “We need to start voting, and then empower ourself spiritually. Anger and violence belong to a weak mind, crying for help, so unless we learn to be calm and centred, we cannot stand up and make a difference to our society and to ourselves,” concluded Rashmin.

The students abuzz with patriotic fervour, rocked to satsang. 

The evening ended with a short meditation, and a pledge by the audience to help spread spiritual awareness. 



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