Life and Adventures of YES!+ Youth

Trip to Bheemeshwari and Shantidham

33 of us from the YES!+ had been to Bheemeshwari / Cauvery river and Shantidhama about 90kms from Bangalore on 18th jan, Sunday, organised by Shailender and Aditi. It was a truely memorable fun filled trip:)
Here is the some of the photos:

The moment we entered the Dhama we drank butter milk.We were
enthusisatic and full of energy for the day.And one of the guides took
us along towards Cauvery River.

The trekking started with full enthusiasum and masti but when we
reached the first mountain top, I tell u we were totally exhausted ,Everybody including me were thirsty and totally tired .
There was a small temple of hanumanji and we relaxed a bit over there
and took some crazy pics. Then again our expedition started towards
Cauvery river.

So I was chatting with the guide about the atmosphere and about the
place .I enquired him about the floura and fauna .And it was amazing
when we were approaching near the banks of the river.I was listening
to the gushing sound of the river.The location was beautiful with lush
greenary and mountains surrounding on all the sides if the river.

Then we finally reached our spot River Cauvery.We were choosing a nice
place where we can enjoy the water around.So finally we chose the spot
where the water depth was reasonable and we entered into the
river.Everyone was inside the river and the water height  was chest
heigh .

We started playing and also i was trying to float but in vain . And we
started with a game husha busha ….And the water was tooo cold i tell
u .. And Ananth was telling  us some yoga postures like
padmasana ..and I said  ” Become aware of ur surroundings ,Take a deep
breath in and Breath out . Become aware of ur shiverings …ooh 🙂  ” then
we had a great blast !!

Then after that we had  lunch near the bank  with the gushing sound of
the river and also amidst  really hot sunshine.

Then we got back towards the Dhama  .We had the sessions with one of
the teachers of the gurukul.They explained about the Dhama and also
about the culture of their place and also the education system.And
little bit about Vedas .

It was totaly a different experience . I felt as if i was somewhere in
an ancient place . .Even the students and  teachers were also in
ancient attire .Wow it was amazing .:-)

Then we were back to pavillion our bus ufcourse .We were so desperate
to reach bangalore .We were totally exhausted and we were feeeling
sleepy .Then the bus took us towards bangalore .On the way almost
everybody were sleeping .

Then in between we reached  kanakapura .Then Ritika made an
announcement for a Satsang in the bus then I and gaurav started the
Satsang with a song “Narayana hari om Satya Narayana Hari om …. ”
and then the whole bus was awake listening to our songs .And we
continued the Satsang and ended it with ” Jai jai radha raman hari bol
” …

It was not the  end Abhijeeth was so enthusiastic that he started some
hindi songs and we went crazy after that with some fast hindi
songs,punjabi songs .tamil songs,kannada songs  etc ……

Finally we reached Ragigudda ,Bangalore .

Wow it was a Picnic to remember ….We Were Crazy ,We were MAD and We
had a great time the whole day ..

I would like to thank  Shailendra ,Aditi,and also Abhijeeth who organized
the trip and took care of us.
~Article by Sahana and Santhosh.


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