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1000 Sitarists set to make a Guinness book record:- Brahma Naad


brahma_naad_sitar_248New Delhi: Kirtik is just six years old but when he plays the sitar he’s nothing less than a maestro.


It’s his innate talent in music that has earned him a spot among 1200 sitar players from around the world, who would be performing at a grand ceremony in Delhi on Friday.


Brahma Naad organised by the Art of Living Foundation will attempt to raise funds for rehabilitation work in flood-hit parts of Bihar.


“I am very glad to be in the presence of such a huge gathering of musicians,” Kirtik says.


Joining Kirtik on stage will be seven musicians who are visually challenged. They say they are honoured to be part of an event on such a scale.


“There have been many musical symphonies with other musical instruments. But this is the first time that sitar has been given so much importance,” says Bhimsen Maharana, another musician who would be taking part in the grand event.


The show organisers are expecting a turnout of more than four lakh people at the two-day-long event, which will also be telecast live to a worldwide audience of more than 300 million.


The historic musical symphony has also got Guinness Book of World Recordsteam taking an interest.

News from IBN Live. You can also see a video there. Here is another excellent site describing the event.


Bharatnatyam Dance Performances


Indian Classical Dance is an amazing dance form. Bharatnatyam, a geometrically asthetic dance form, encorporates Natyam:- the play, into the dance. With her Mother, Nirupama teaches Bharatnatyam in Vishwa Bharathi Natya Shala. The students of this dance academy gave excellent performance in National College Auditorium. Colorful costumes, fantastic beats and rythmic movements. Excellent coordination in the group, and meaninful facial expressions in the solo. Anyone who has ever taken part in a dance would know how much efforts have gone in! An audio visual treat.

Suchetha’s Art

Suchetha is an expert in vegetable carving Art!



A vegetable dino:




A vegetable vendor made out of vegetables:- !!


Absolutely brilliant, isn’t it!

Would you like to learn it!?

Jeetu wins Young Scientist Award !!

Jeetu Pathak won the Young Scientist Award from the International Society for Stem Cell Research !!

Jeetu wins an Award

You can check her webpage here.



I got this nice boardgame:- “KogWorks”. Its about forming chain of rotating wheels, and whoever forms the desired chain first wins… You can also block opponent’s rotations. Its interesting to see the number of possibilities in the game! See their webpage
I was wondering, in most of the games that we have, there is a competition between two people. The winner has to be Above someone to win. This aspect gets inculcated in people and they seem to be competing almost everywhere -even in a line for Idly Wada in a restaurant! 
Why not to have some games which involve more of a partnership. Where winning simply means achieving something together. Where a Team Effort is needed, and competition is with oneself, rather than others. Where the interdependence is realised. Such games are the need of time. 
In Japan, the country famous for teamwork, this aspect is inculcated right from Childhood. Their, the toys are heavy, so two three children have to together lift it!
Bawa has a nice collection of Boardgames, and here is the article he wrote about it.

Don’t say it, its Taboo!

Thanks to my friend Prabha, I got to know of this interesting board game called “Taboo!” 🙂

Lets say you had to talk about the word “Swimming Pool”, without using the words water, jump, float, tank andamenity. Then how would you speak!?
If you speak any of those taboo words, you lose point!
And your team has to guess the word you are describing!

Its opposite to dumb-sherads! You are not allowed to act… Only speak, and speak without the taboo words! haha…!

I was a Sunday afternoon, and 5-6 of us YES!+ grads were together, playing Taboo… It was fun!

The game remained in my memory and I started relating it to my life… In life also we have some taboo topics and words… And we circle around them to tell what we want to tell!
An awkward situation in real life, if looked at as a game can be so much fun!
e.g. next time you have to tell about your boyfriend or girlfriend to your parents, and you are… well, not allowed to use the words boyfriend or girlfriend! Then don’t feel shy or awkward, take it as a game, and see how easy it is!

Its also a useful way to culture the language… Now a days some of us use the f word as if it is a punctuation mark in the English grammer! No need! Use quality words, live quality life….

Floating in Air!

Imagine floating mid-air, with no support of anything, being swung by great wind blowing on your face, and nearest point on earth is 500 feet below you! — That’s parasailing…!
Milind and I have this zeal for adventure sports. And when we get a chance, we don’t look back or keep thinking, we just do it! And so was our adventure of Para sailing. It was arranged by Nisarga group in the dry Lake bed near Hosakote. Its a huge (few km in radius) lake bed. Totally flat and lot of wind. So at the beginning of flight, your parachute is blown up with lot of air:-

You are tied to a jeep at the other end. And as soon as the jeep moves, you get a gentle lift in the air… And there you are…! As the jeep picks up the speed, your parachute gets filled in with more and more air, and you rise up in sky!!

Very soon, you can see the horizon in all directions! And the air current makes you float. A small imbalance and you will tend to ‘feel’ as if you are falling that side! But you don’t…! And you feel so weightless, as if you are like a feather.. A fear of falling down rises in you, but you keep floating without support! You can’t even grab on something for support anyways!Two minutes of this ride, its a thrill!
As the jeep slows down, you slowly come down, and there is a person to catch you! Its so systematic and well practised, that its as if you are parcelled through air!

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