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Sri Sri invited to IISc


Bangalore (India), May 25: HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was the key note speaker at the centenary celebrations of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. 
“Are you feeling at home?” asked Sri Sri right at the onset. He then shared: “Our ancient scriptures have always said that true learning happens in a relaxed environment where an exchange of ideas takes place through enquiry and questioning.”
A Q&A session followed in the relaxed atmosphere of the auditorium. Excerpts:   

Q. Is life governed by free-will or destiny?
Sri Sri: Life is a combination of both. There are some things which are beyond your control. That is your destiny. Then there are things where you have a choice. That is free-will. If it’s raining outside, it’s your destiny as you have no control over the weather. However, to be wet or remain dry is your free-will.
Past is your destiny, future is your free-will. And be happy in the present. A foolish person looks at the past as free-will with regret, future as destiny and is miserable in the present.
Q. What is true love?
Sri Sri: If you have a doubt, it is true love. We always doubt the positives. We doubt our capabilities. We doubt our happiness but are 100 percent sure of our depression. We doubt a person’s honesty and doubt the existence of higher power. So what is true love? Time will tell you.
Love is what we are made up of. All negative emotions are off springs of true love.
Love without wisdom makes life miserable…love with wisdom is bliss.
Q. How can we attain that wisdom?
Sri Sri: By adopting an attitude of enquiring.
Q. How can love move science?
Sri Sri: When love for science is intense, it is already moving the world.
The ultimate aim of a researcher is not to earn a livelihood. If the main aim of a researcher is to earn a livelihood, it is not a best quality research. It has to lead to a soul-search. Research is to know. The joy of knowing is itself the goal. Getting recognition is immaterial.
Q. How do you know what level of spirituality you are at?
Sri Sri: It depends on how often your buttons can be pushed. If you have no buttons to be pushed then you are very strong.
Q. Who am ‘I’? And what ‘that’ is? Can these two questions coexist?
Sri Sri: Of course. Yes. The theory of relativity has already accepted this. The observer has an impact on the observed. This was taught some thousands of years ago. But people kept it a secret. This is where we missed out.
Q. What is true happiness?
Sri Sri: Know the reason of your unhappiness. If you remove it, then there will be happiness. Meditate. Just do the Sudarshan Kriya and you will find out.
Q. Why do thoughts come and where do they originate from? Why do the thoughts rule us?
Sri Sri: Where do the thoughts come from? From the mind, or the body? Close your eyes and think about it. That itself becomes a meditation. Then you will reach the point or space within you from where all the thoughts come. And that is fantastic.
Q. Some people have positive thoughts, while some have negative thoughts. How does one control this?
Sri Sri: By keeping a stress-free mind. If you have a stress-free mind, your thoughts will be positive.
Q. How do you know all these things?
Sri Sri: Life is a journey from an angry “I don’t know” to a beautiful “I don’t know!”
Q. What is wrong and what is right?
Sri Sri: Which gives you short term pleasure and long term misery is wrong and vice-versa.
Q. Why do other people’s feelings inflict us?
Sri Sri: Because you are not a single individual but a part of a single collective consciousness.
Q. In spite of having so many great saints why is there so much of communal violence, cascades, conflicts. What is the problem with India? Are we going wrong somewhere?
Sri Sri: People who have been involved in these activities have never been in touch with any of these spiritual leaders.
Q. Why don’t you suggest government to include spiritual knowledge at the level of class 10th, at least in India?
Sri Sri: I have been telling it. Now, you all should give voice too.
Q. How to forgive and let go of things?
Sri Sri: When you see a culprit from a broader perspective, forgiveness becomes natural.
Q. What do you consider success?
Sri Sri: A smile that nobody will take away from you – that is the greatest achievement.


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Date with a Sage

About 100 YES!+ members had an outstanding evening with * Rishi Vidyadhar ji* in Ashram, this Sunday…

Like a bath near the origin of Ganges, we got soaked in fresh, rejuvenating and sparkling knowledge, that was so freely flowing from Rishi ji. Here are few snippets:

People should not have fear of your anger, they should only have fear of losing your love. Your love should be so unconditional that someone would think before doing something, that this act should not make me lose his/her love for me.

Four modulations of mind:

1. not being in present moment:- leads to problems related to stomach…!

2. getting bored:- this is at the intellectual level. —>>> This leads to problems related to heart, chest.

there are four ways people can get together:- I. common likes II. common enemies or complaints III. common ambitions IV. coming together in knowledge, for knowledge. only the fourth way will keep two people together… even if there is some problem, it will go away with the knowledge. with commitment and dedication, if you can surpass the boredom, then you attain love. otherwise its just common likes. Sadhana consolidates the boredom. continuing Sadhana, you surpass the boredom.

3. holding on to something negative.—->>this leads to problems related to neck. ten compliments and one insult, what does your mind chew on to!?

4. the likes and dislikes of the mind. it leads to problems related to face, head. What you dislike now, you used to like it sometime back. and what you like now, you may dislike it later. all your feelings change in 2 and a quarter days! You can’t be happy or sad all the time. Like Moon causes tides on the ocean, we being 75% water, it causes high and low feelings… and if you observe, you feel High on full moon and low on new moon! the moon goes round the earth in 28 days, and there are 12 constellations. 28/12 is 2 days and five hours. in that time, your moods change. and if you meditate, these changing moods won’t affect you at all !

How to become a good leader!?

Ans: Make leaders.

Leader is not someone with great qualities, but who can bring out the best qualities in all.

There are exactly ten negative qualities:

Those who love perfection get angry

Those who love past get hatred

Those who love something become greedy

Those who love fantasy get lust

Those who love their appearance more than it should be loved, become jealous Those who love status get arrogant

Those who love the result of action get fear

Those who love some people get attachment

and two more!

Those who love to serve, get devotion. The ten negatives are not our nature. The human nature is to be generous, happy, loving, grateful, full of awareness and being in bliss. And that is what happens when we do the Sudarshan Kriya.

Parents are at least 20 years elder to us. So they have much more experience of life than we have. Also of course they have gone through the phases of life that we are going through. So we need to listen to them and obey their wishes.

One who doesn’t learn from his mistake is a fool. One who learns from his own mistakes is a intellectual person. One who learns from the mistakes of others is wise. A Mistake is a happening, not an intentional action. When some person A is doing something that hurts you or is wrong, go and tell that to person A directly, not to tell it to B. When you tell it to person B, it is a complaint. When you tell it to A, it is a responsible action. When you tell it to A directly, in 99 percent of cases A will change. if you tell B and B tells that to A, then A will in fact get more angry and situation doesn’t change.

If we don’t learn from the words of the Sages, the Time will teach us, our own experience will teach us! There is no difference between Time and God. Kalay Tasmai Namah.

Move on from looking good to feeling good. Make choice based on what makes you feel good, rather than what makes you look good.

He told a nice joke in Hindi, with all special accents: A wife told her husband… “Hello, please get me a new Saree.” Husband replied, “but I have already got you 200 Sarees.” Wife said, “But all those have been seen by my kitti party friends!” Husband said,”ok, then instead of buying new sarees every week, it will be less costly to change the locality!”

Walk like an elephant, full of peace and strength. And, if needed, Roar like a Lion, and everyone else will listen to you… Sadhana Seva Satsang and Self Knowledge make you feel good. Surrender Smile and Silence are for preserving that feel good state. Practicing these 7 gives you 8th S: Sri Sri. 🙂 The entire creation is inexpressible. That inexpressible has become expressible in the form of Sadguru. Loving the Sadguru you will love the entire creation. If you don’t love the Sadguru, forget about love.

These are just a few of the words he spoke. However, Behind the talk was his charming, eloquent, peaceful, playful presence, which made us stay glued to him for long time! His Gestures, quotes and jokes were simply amazing! Looking forward for the next Date!

Inspiring Brilliance

Many people ask us, what is this YES!+ all about, can you give us a glimpse of it?

So here is a trailer:-

“Inspiring Brilliance” 

Every Thursday

Evening 6:30-8pm

Venue:- Jayaram Seva Mandali, Jayanagar

Contact:- 9241766013

Come along with friends and family, we will have great time with Bawa, learn new things, do some yoga and pranayama, meditate, and we will also do some energizing and relaxing chanting.

SMS – Study Made Simple!

In a move that is likely to revolutionize the study patterns of  the students, the Directors of World Alliance for Youth Empowerment, Khurshed Batliwala and Dinesh Ghodke launched a new workshop – SMS – Study Made Simple! 

In an impromptu organization by the YES!+ team, fortunate 50 learnt some fantastic techniques, ideas and concepts in this power packed two day workshop in Jayanagar. 

The study can be a very joyful and enlivening activity – instead of boring and dull. After all, the topics the students study have been the lifetime works of geniuses! A balance of right and left brain activity, learning how to concentrate, a creative method to memorize the subject, skill to understand the topics, were some of the highlights of the SMS workshop.

hypnotized by a Mathemagician…!

We had a great time with Bawa in the Mathemagic workshop yesterday in BIT College. He has this zeel to teach which makes even a subject like Mathematics so exciting! We had a tour in Algebra – simplifying it, Geometry – visualising it, Graph theory – how a practical problem can be phrased in simple mathematical terms, Calculus- demystifying it, Topology – how simple things can be totally counter-intuitive, and Number theory – the easy to understand problems don’t necessarily have trivial solutions, and much more!

We were studying mathematics for more than two hours, and didn’t feel it was that long!

Apart from Maths, Bawa also told stories about mathematicians and the world around them at that time. How the great library at Alexandria was burnt down and then shifted sources at Egypt also got destroyed and this crime against humanity set back the progress of human society a thousand years behind, starting a dark age of ignorance. How shy was Fermat, the story of Pythagorus, ancient Indian mathematician who discovered the Pythagorus theorem much before him, the story of why there is no nobel prize in maths!

Most importantly, Bawa gave that enthusiasm to learn new things, study the subject with all drive. 🙂

Importance of organic farming

We had a gracious presence of Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish from Kairo, Egypt, in Vishalakshi Mandap yesterday. Dr. Abouleish is winner of the Right Livelihood Award, often called as alternative nobel prize, for his 21st century business model which combines commercial success with social and cultural development.

In a documentary on the project, he explained how, in from the dessert a green township can be established. Looking at dessert, he says, it is not just  a pile of sand, it has organisms in it, it can be cultivated for generating crops and trees. 

Using compost fertilizers, organic farming and water from deep wells, he and his team on the SEKEM project created a green township out of a dessert place. He says, we need to give the land in the better form to our next generation, by cultivating it. It has given employment to over 2000 local people.

Sekem has integrated lots of environment friendly, culture preserving values. Every creature in the nature is given importance and revered, as it plays its own role in the ecology of the system.  They have 50% female employees, unlike other organizations in that area. Their meetings start with a musical instrumental piece. They have side projects based on garments exports. In a way to cultivate holistic education of children, they have the tradition of shaking hand with each child as he/she enters the classroom, facilitating looking into the eyes of the child, and breaking any inhibitions between the child and the teacher. Starting from a barren land, Dr. Abouleish has developed the Sekem project with an excellent spirit of entrepreneurship.

We experience more than what we can grasp

It was our honor to have with us in the Vishalakshi Mandap, Prof. Hans Peter Durr from Munich, Germany. Winner of the Right Livelihood Award, often called as alternative nobel prize, Prof. Hans Peter Durr has studied the physics of matter for 50 years. A brief about him can be found here. A Physicist and an Environmentalist, he has also contributed a lot for World Peace.

World vs. Reality

His talk was an interesting tour in various aspects of Physics, Mind, Logic and existential reality. He said that in science, objectivity is given more importance, leaving aside the subject, or the seer who is perceiving the object. This disconnection causes one to get an incomplete picture of the world. He quoted an equation

world = wirklichseit = Potentiality 

from potentiality the matter, energy manifest. 

He gave a simple example:- how does a mobile phone work? We say, our phone sends a signal, and it goes everywhere, including my friend in Paris. however, how does a signal travel? There is no such medium as ether, and its the nothingness in the form of fields that wiggles.

In a similar analogy, when one studies minute details inside of atom, and then inside of nucleus, and then inside of protons and neutrons, one finds that its just energy that is wiggling in the space, and no such solid matter thing existing there!

You see what you want to see

His talk was filled with diagrams and pictorial descriptions, some of which is popular ones presented here:-

What do you see in this picture?


Is it a young girl or a old woman?

Actually both, it depends on the way you look at it!

Similarly, if two friends go for a nature walk, they would notice and remember different things. From this we can infer that we see what we already know or recognize in mind. Our vision is not only limited by only a fraction of electromagnetic spectrum that we see, but also a bias of the mind that perceives the same object. In fact, a part of the biology of eye causes a blind spot in the image, still, the brain interprets the signals in such a way that the  blind spot is not seen. So in a way our mind sees more than what eyes show us also.

The boundary between living and non-living

There is a natural direction for non-living objects to function, it is from order to disorder. E.g. more and more disordered situations are more likely, than an ordered structure, in the non-living material world. A cup of coffee can naturally get broken, but broken pieces of such a cup don’t naturally re-join to form the cup. Considering this, he asked, how, from a chemical soup of materials 3.5 billion years ago on the earth, did the human civilization manifest to its current form? It is a highly ordered and complex system. He pointed out that this is where, when we start to understand the living beings, that science finds its limitation, since it has disconnected the objects in world from the seer of these objects. 

Infinite  existence

Coming back to the study of atom, he said that first atom was thought to be indivisible smallest part of matter. Then it was recognized that it is in fact consisting of nucleus and electrons revolving around it. Further, it was found out, that the electrons cannot travel around the nucleus like the planets travel round the Sun, as it would all collapse in the nucleus if they do so. So the Quantum Physics was discovered, which tells only the probability of finding an electron in a certain region of space, not a localized pin-pointed position. The maximum probability surfaces within which an electron can be found, are shown in variety of shapes:-



These surfaces are only indicative of maximum occupation, but there is also a probability that it may not be within these surfaces. The probability curve extends throughout the space:-

fig3-5It attains maximum in the most probable region, but then it has a tail, though small in magnitude, nevertheless non-zero, extending till infinity…! Implying that these probabilities of different matter particles extend till infinity, have presence till infinity, and overlap on each other, giving non-separable co-existence, and interdependence.

From Science to Spirituality

Thus the creator and its creation are inseparable. 

How can fluttering of a butterfly in one place cause a tornado in some other place? Its possible that like in rain, where most of water vapor condenses when a small part of it starts condensing, it just needs a trigger to get an entire cloud to get transformed into rain. To illustrate this, he showed an example of a pen hanging downwards, would just rotate around its mean position, if slightly disturbed. However, if the same pen was standing upside down, it would fall on a slightest disturbance- and such forces exist- even the gravitational pull of the person next to the pen. So such a situation, which is unstable cannot be sustained for long. Unless, it can be dynamically balanced by another unstable situation :- like a person balancing on both feet in a walk, even though any one feet is not enough for good balance. 

The dynamical stability is the key, and in social context it means cooperation of different individuals, who are unique in their own way. 

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