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Mathemagic Workshop

Scared of Maths? Not good at it? HATE it!!?? 

Mathemagic workshop teaches maths in a friendly and simplistic manner, making difficult concepts understand easily. With it, you will start loving Mathematics!


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  1. […] by YES!+ Admin in Laughter ride, YES!+ Workshops. trackback We had a great time with Bawa in the Mathemagic workshop yesterday in BIT College. He has this zeel to teach which makes even a subject like Mathematics so […]

  2. It was amazing the way Bawa teaches !!
    It was total fun and lots of excitement !!

  3. majority of youth are on tracked by THE ART OF LIVING this is the art of observing,creating,changing,and implementing the talks and walks of life.
    special thanks to the founder of art of living and their team
    if would not be here then we also hadent improve
    “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” WE LOVE U GURUJI “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

  4. Is this course available online or anywhere in Toronto, Ontario, Canada?? I would love to do this

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