Life and Adventures of YES!+ Youth

How will the Art of Living reach out  to the vast masses of people all over the globe? This question has been lingering in out minds for sometime now. Though we all know eventually it will happen but Guruji has said that there will be a wave of spirituality that will sweep through the whole world. How the sudden wave will come and in what form?


Stumbling into Infinity, the book will play a vital role in it, I think. No other Art of Living book , in published history has garnered so much Attention as this one and its important because a large number of people like to be docile, sitting at home and reading rather than doing something adventurous ( like Yes+). This is specially true about the West. This book does not only connect deeply with all the Art of Living people but also gives a glimpse of what goes on inside with a Realised Master. People who have not done the Art of Living will also relate and appreciate it. In short it will open a window of hope for them and basically inspire them enough to do the course.

Written by Mike, who has a vast experience as any , with the organisation and Guruji, the book is like a diary of events starting from the  early 80’s . I don’t want to go into the details as I had written a Review of the book in My Blog , right in August , when the book was not released in India yet.

As far as I know , the book garnered rank #85 in the Best Seller’s list in Amazon and rank #1 in Spirituality category. It means a big deal.

Have you read the book , what are your thoughts, speak your experiences in the comments here !


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  1. your blog is Really good.

    I have also made a new blog where I will be puutiing all the info about courses in Panchkula


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