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Bangalore YES! + Flash mob dance

The latest in thing was the Flash mob by the YES!+ gang in a dozen different places, welcoming the people of bangalore town to the mega celebrations of Shivaratri this 20 Feb:-

check out the video here:-

And one more press release: – 



Brahmanaad in Guinness book of records!

Brahma Naad in Guinness Book of World Records

Brahma Naad in Guinness Book of World Records

This is just a beginning! 🙂

Akhilesh’s Veena

Akhilesh plays this mind alluring Indian Classical Musical instrument, Veena.

Tanjore Veena

Tanjore Veena

The musical notes of Veena remain in the atmosphere with a soothing effect on heart. Listen here a lovely piece of music played by Akhilesh:

Narayana Hari Om

Apart from music, he is also a nature lover and photographer. Check out his blog.

1000 Sitarists set to make a Guinness book record:- Brahma Naad


brahma_naad_sitar_248New Delhi: Kirtik is just six years old but when he plays the sitar he’s nothing less than a maestro.


It’s his innate talent in music that has earned him a spot among 1200 sitar players from around the world, who would be performing at a grand ceremony in Delhi on Friday.


Brahma Naad organised by the Art of Living Foundation will attempt to raise funds for rehabilitation work in flood-hit parts of Bihar.


“I am very glad to be in the presence of such a huge gathering of musicians,” Kirtik says.


Joining Kirtik on stage will be seven musicians who are visually challenged. They say they are honoured to be part of an event on such a scale.


“There have been many musical symphonies with other musical instruments. But this is the first time that sitar has been given so much importance,” says Bhimsen Maharana, another musician who would be taking part in the grand event.


The show organisers are expecting a turnout of more than four lakh people at the two-day-long event, which will also be telecast live to a worldwide audience of more than 300 million.


The historic musical symphony has also got Guinness Book of World Recordsteam taking an interest.

News from IBN Live. You can also see a video there. Here is another excellent site describing the event.

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