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Yuva Bharat Special Episodes

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce the launch of our Season 2 of Yuva Bharat
Special Episodes with The Art of Living on ETV Channels. These special
episodes are in the form of a 20 part series to be aired on 11
channels of ETV Network every saturday, starting coming Saturday, i.e.
* 12.9.2009* as per following telecast schedule.

Channel Name    Telecast Time

*(Monday to Saturday)*

ETV- Bangla        09.30a.m

ETV-M.P.             10.30a.m

ETV-U.P.             10.30a.m

ETV-Bihar           10.30a.m

ETV-Rajasthan    09.30a.m

ETV-2 (Telugu)   11.30p.m

ETV-Oriya           10.30a.m

ETV-Gujarati       08.00a.m

ETV-Marathi        09.30a.m

ETV-Urdu            10.30a.m

ETV-Kannada     11:30p.m

So on the above mentioned timings, the special episodes will be aired
for 20 weeks as per following episodic details:

Episode-1 (telecast date 12-09-09)

Guruji on imp. of humanism and compassion
Byte of Student Niharika Kakdesharing her experience in Art Of Living.
Nadisodhan-by Dinesh Kashikar
Profile feature on Bawa & Dinesh

Episode– 2 (telecast date 19-09-09)

Guruji on Yes +
Experience of art of living Students(Kanisk, Abhilasha, Mohit Lalwani)
Youth Programs of AOL
Dinesh Ghodke on life is short but eternal

Episode– 3 (telecast date 26-09-09)

Bawa & Dinesh on Love

Episode– 4 (telecast date 03-10-09)

Guruji on youth culture & values (2.56 mm.)
Sanjay Mazumdar – Gausala story (6:45 mins)
Bawa & Dinesh on healthy Food & Environment

Episode– 5 (telecast date 10-10-09)

Guruji on success
Bawa & Dinesh on success

Episode–6 (telecast date 17-10-09)

Guruji on youth leadership & youth participation
Radhika Chandle and her experience in Art of Living.
Vikram Hazra on youth empowerment (11.26 mins)

Episode– 07 (telecast date 24-10-09)

Guruji on importance of guide
Prajakti Desmukh – Her experiences with the Art of Living
Bawa & Dinesh on Guruji’s Knowledge Sheets.

Episode–8 (telecast date 31-10-09)

Living in harmony -Bawa & Dinesh on Life style

Episode–09 (telecast date 07-11-09)

Guruji on individual’s quest for spirituality
Students bytes (Twinkle Sethi & Shravanth)
Vikram Hazra (The promise of spirituality)
Shalini Singh byte (How art of living brings the positive change in you)
Bawa & Dinesh on Anger

Episode– 10 (telecast date 14-11-09)

Handling Failures.
Guruji on Success & Failure
Bawa & Dinesh on handling failures
Jitendra Bansiwal (law student, Jabalpur) –Anxiety problems

Episode– 11 (telecast date 21-11-09)

Guruji on youth culture & values
Bawa & Dinesh on Life Sutras

Episode– 12 (telecast date 28-11-09)

Guruji on healthy Food Habits & Spiritual Practices
Bawa & Dinesh on Controlling Anger
Feature on Kusum Mussadi – Her experiences with the Art of Living

Episode– 13 (telecast date 05-12-09)

Understanding Traditions-I
Guruji on Indian heritage & culture
Bawa & Dinesh on Indian culture & rituals

Episode– 14 (telecast date 12-12-09)

Bytes of students(Ratul Arora, Harshit, Pranab)
Dinesh Kashiker demonstration of relaxation techniques
Bytes of (Justin & Jack Johansson)

Episode– 15 (telecast date 19-12-09)

Understanding Traditions-II
Guruji on youth, Indian heritage & culture
Bawa & Dinesh on Ancient Scriptures
Bawa & Dinesh on nature of Guru
Bawa & Dinesh on sadhana, seva & satsang

Episode– 16 (telecast date 26-12-09)

Guruji “nurture our roots & broaden our vision” (2.46 mm.)
Bawa & Dinesh on commitment
Bawa & Dinesh on (aim & fantasy)/(creativity)
Experience in Art of Living -Sunithi Damani — the professional billiards player

Episode– 17 (telecast date 02-1-10)

Bawa & Dinesh on Astrology & Vaastu Sastra
Bawa & Dinesh on Astrology & Vaastu Sastra
Profile of Saurav Ghosh, Table Tennis champion, His experiences in the
Art of Living

Episode– 18 (telecast date 09-1-10)

Guruji on dreams & practical wisdom
Bawa & Dinesh on Reality/Fantasy/ Dream/Goal
Shridhar Mahuli byte (Benefited from Art of Living )
Vikram Hazra on Satsang
Dinesh Kashiker – on relaxation techniques

Episode– 19 (telecast date 16-1-10)

Guruji on Tabacco & prevention
Vikram Hazra on culture of meditation
Vikram Hazra on civic sense/citizenship
Dinesh Kashikar on ‘Bhaastrika’ & ‘Nadisodhan’


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