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Tree Plantation drive in Bangalore

Art of Living (AOL) Foundation as part of its “Mission Green Earth (MGE)” campaign, to create environment sustainability, has joined hands with BBMP. AOL will plant trees in all BBMP parks to utilize the space available to its maximum and run awareness campaign in the areas around parks for people participation in creating green Bangalore and restore its climatic conditions and eco balance.

Date 5 June 2010

keep yourself free…. send your contact details in the comment section, to participate and volunteer in this tree plantation drive.


Global Warming Video

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Global Warming

Global warming is no more a topic of scientific theories; It has started affecting the global population.

Startling Fact
Chile’s water-body disappears in a day’s time!!
If Chile’s citizens can wake up to such news, the next time it could be us.
So all of you wake up, or you could wake up to many more such startling news.
The choice is yours!!

Nuggets that help you to do your bit in reducing Global Warming


• Recycling does a lot of good. So the next time you use aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic, cardboard and newspapers make sure you put them in the proper place, so that it can be recycled. This can reduce your home’s carbon dioxide emissions by 850 pounds per year. Batteries, phones, and other electrical goods can also all be recycled


• Take your shopping bags back to the supermarket next time you shop saving energy and waste by reusing bags instead of accepting more disposable ones in each shop. Waste not only discharges CO2 and methane into the atmosphere, it can also pollute the air, groundwater and soil.
•  Choose products that come with little packaging and buy refills when you can. You will also cut down on waste production and energy use!
•  Avoid printing when it’s not required. Take printouts on both sides, use less tissue paper and see how it makes a difference. Simple changes in your printer settings can make a change. So take this small step and show that you care for the future generations.


• Covering your water heater with an insulation blanket will save 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year with just one simple action. You can save another 550 pounds per year by setting the thermostat no higher than 50°C.
• Use solar water heating systems instead of electric geysers.

Use the OFF switch

• Turn off lights when you leave a room, and use only as much light as you need.
•  Turning off your television, PC, video player and stereo when you’re not using them rather than using the ‘Standby’ button will hugely impact the electricity you use.

Control Temperature efficiently

• Keeping your thermostat at reasonable temperatures in both the winter and the summer and turning down the heat whilst you’re sleeping or away during the day is a great energy saver. Setting your thermostat just 2 degrees lower in winter and higher in summer could save about 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

Drive less and Walk more

• Make sure your car is running efficiently. Regular maintenance helps improve fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. When just 1% of car owners properly maintain their cars, nearly a billion pounds of carbon dioxide are kept out of the atmosphere.
• If you want to get fit and walk a little more, avoiding just 10 miles of driving every week would eliminate about 500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions a year!
• Use public-transport system. Try car-pooling when you know that people living around you are going to reach the same destination

Use Energy Efficient products

• Replacing regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs will not only save you money over the life of the bulb, they will also last 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb, use two-thirds less energy, and give off 70 percent less heat. If you can afford it, begin to replace older appliances in your home with more energy-efficient ones. These products will reduce your energy output and save money on your electricity bill.

Plant a Sapling

• Not only do they reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, but they can provide shade for your home (reducing energy costs) and can produce fruits that you won’t have to buy at the store. A single tree will absorb approximately one ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime.

Screen-saver-A BIG NO!

• Change the power management settings on your PC to go into ‘sleep’ mode when not in use. The surge of power used by a CPU to boot up is far less than the energy used by the unit when left on for over 3 minutes. A computer left continuously running will emit 2161 pounds of CO2 in a year. Turning a computer off at night so it runs only 8 hours a day computes to a reduction of 810 kWh per year, or a 67% yearly savings

Conserve Water

• Turn off the tap while washing your dishes or brushing your teeth and make sure to run washing machines or dishwashers with a full load.
•  If you can, buy a low-flow showerhead to save hot water and about 350 pounds of carbon dioxide yearly.
• Reduce the temperature on your washing machine to lower your hot water use and the energy required to produce it. That change alone can save at least 500 pounds of carbon dioxide annually in most households.
• Repair all leaking taps and faucets. A drop of water saved could be your first step towards this revolution.

Each one Teach many

Persuading just one person to recycle with you, or to change the power settings on their PC will double your efforts. Tell 10 and you can really make a difference!

References,, NDTV news for helping me to understand the impact of Global Warming and share the same experience with all of you.

I am doing my bit to tackle Global warming. Are you doing yours?

Remember,  We are doing this for our better tomorrow.


Go Green!

Save our planet

Thanks a ton for your co-operation!

Another Go Green! Initiative

Google is the second Brain to many of us.

We use it frequently.

It uses white screen which consumes high power.

Read the following………

If Google had a black screen,

taking in account the huge number of page views,

according to calculations, 750 mega watts/hour

per year would be saved..!!!!! !

In response, Google created a black version

of its search engine, called Blackle,

with the exact same functions as the white version,

but obviously with lower energy consumption:

http://www.blackle. com

Remember,  We are doing this for our better tomorrow.

Go Green! Save the planet

Go Green!
Save our planet

Thanks a ton for your co-operation!

Importance of natural water

Check out these two presentations:-

Effect of using bottled water

Save water, the shortage of drinking water resources

Remember, We are doing this for our better tomorrow.


Go Green! Save the planet

Go Green! Save the planet

Thanks a ton for your co-operation.

We experience more than what we can grasp

It was our honor to have with us in the Vishalakshi Mandap, Prof. Hans Peter Durr from Munich, Germany. Winner of the Right Livelihood Award, often called as alternative nobel prize, Prof. Hans Peter Durr has studied the physics of matter for 50 years. A brief about him can be found here. A Physicist and an Environmentalist, he has also contributed a lot for World Peace.

World vs. Reality

His talk was an interesting tour in various aspects of Physics, Mind, Logic and existential reality. He said that in science, objectivity is given more importance, leaving aside the subject, or the seer who is perceiving the object. This disconnection causes one to get an incomplete picture of the world. He quoted an equation

world = wirklichseit = Potentiality 

from potentiality the matter, energy manifest. 

He gave a simple example:- how does a mobile phone work? We say, our phone sends a signal, and it goes everywhere, including my friend in Paris. however, how does a signal travel? There is no such medium as ether, and its the nothingness in the form of fields that wiggles.

In a similar analogy, when one studies minute details inside of atom, and then inside of nucleus, and then inside of protons and neutrons, one finds that its just energy that is wiggling in the space, and no such solid matter thing existing there!

You see what you want to see

His talk was filled with diagrams and pictorial descriptions, some of which is popular ones presented here:-

What do you see in this picture?


Is it a young girl or a old woman?

Actually both, it depends on the way you look at it!

Similarly, if two friends go for a nature walk, they would notice and remember different things. From this we can infer that we see what we already know or recognize in mind. Our vision is not only limited by only a fraction of electromagnetic spectrum that we see, but also a bias of the mind that perceives the same object. In fact, a part of the biology of eye causes a blind spot in the image, still, the brain interprets the signals in such a way that the  blind spot is not seen. So in a way our mind sees more than what eyes show us also.

The boundary between living and non-living

There is a natural direction for non-living objects to function, it is from order to disorder. E.g. more and more disordered situations are more likely, than an ordered structure, in the non-living material world. A cup of coffee can naturally get broken, but broken pieces of such a cup don’t naturally re-join to form the cup. Considering this, he asked, how, from a chemical soup of materials 3.5 billion years ago on the earth, did the human civilization manifest to its current form? It is a highly ordered and complex system. He pointed out that this is where, when we start to understand the living beings, that science finds its limitation, since it has disconnected the objects in world from the seer of these objects. 

Infinite  existence

Coming back to the study of atom, he said that first atom was thought to be indivisible smallest part of matter. Then it was recognized that it is in fact consisting of nucleus and electrons revolving around it. Further, it was found out, that the electrons cannot travel around the nucleus like the planets travel round the Sun, as it would all collapse in the nucleus if they do so. So the Quantum Physics was discovered, which tells only the probability of finding an electron in a certain region of space, not a localized pin-pointed position. The maximum probability surfaces within which an electron can be found, are shown in variety of shapes:-



These surfaces are only indicative of maximum occupation, but there is also a probability that it may not be within these surfaces. The probability curve extends throughout the space:-

fig3-5It attains maximum in the most probable region, but then it has a tail, though small in magnitude, nevertheless non-zero, extending till infinity…! Implying that these probabilities of different matter particles extend till infinity, have presence till infinity, and overlap on each other, giving non-separable co-existence, and interdependence.

From Science to Spirituality

Thus the creator and its creation are inseparable. 

How can fluttering of a butterfly in one place cause a tornado in some other place? Its possible that like in rain, where most of water vapor condenses when a small part of it starts condensing, it just needs a trigger to get an entire cloud to get transformed into rain. To illustrate this, he showed an example of a pen hanging downwards, would just rotate around its mean position, if slightly disturbed. However, if the same pen was standing upside down, it would fall on a slightest disturbance- and such forces exist- even the gravitational pull of the person next to the pen. So such a situation, which is unstable cannot be sustained for long. Unless, it can be dynamically balanced by another unstable situation :- like a person balancing on both feet in a walk, even though any one feet is not enough for good balance. 

The dynamical stability is the key, and in social context it means cooperation of different individuals, who are unique in their own way. 

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Time to go Veg…

Meet your Meat. Caution: Video not for weak hearts.  Face the reality and become a vegetarian, unless you already are.

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