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Bangalore YES! + Flash mob dance

The latest in thing was the Flash mob by the YES!+ gang in a dozen different places, welcoming the people of bangalore town to the mega celebrations of Shivaratri this 20 Feb:-

check out the video here:-

And one more press release: – 



Happy New Year 2010!!

Inspiring Brilliance

Many people ask us, what is this YES!+ all about, can you give us a glimpse of it?

So here is a trailer:-

“Inspiring Brilliance” 

Every Thursday

Evening 6:30-8pm

Venue:- Jayaram Seva Mandali, Jayanagar

Contact:- 9241766013

Come along with friends and family, we will have great time with Bawa, learn new things, do some yoga and pranayama, meditate, and we will also do some energizing and relaxing chanting.

happy Valentine’s day!

We had a great time at Shailendra’s place, cooked delicious lunch, thanks to Richa, ate stomach full, danced, listened to music… Inspired by Rashmin’s article , we saw a fantastic movie:

Projector and all, it was a great time watching this!

Absoulutely fantastic V-Day celebration!

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