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hypnotized by a Mathemagician…!

We had a great time with Bawa in the Mathemagic workshop yesterday in BIT College. He has this zeel to teach which makes even a subject like Mathematics so exciting! We had a tour in Algebra – simplifying it, Geometry – visualising it, Graph theory – how a practical problem can be phrased in simple mathematical terms, Calculus- demystifying it, Topology – how simple things can be totally counter-intuitive, and Number theory – the easy to understand problems don’t necessarily have trivial solutions, and much more!

We were studying mathematics for more than two hours, and didn’t feel it was that long!

Apart from Maths, Bawa also told stories about mathematicians and the world around them at that time. How the great library at Alexandria was burnt down and then shifted sources at Egypt also got destroyed and this crime against humanity set back the progress of human society a thousand years behind, starting a dark age of ignorance. How shy was Fermat, the story of Pythagorus, ancient Indian mathematician who discovered the Pythagorus theorem much before him, the story of why there is no nobel prize in maths!

Most importantly, Bawa gave that enthusiasm to learn new things, study the subject with all drive. 🙂


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