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Forever Bangalorean!


Bangalore Mirror's event

“Bangalore Mirror” did a fantastic job by inviting His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar, and arranging a Huge gathering of city folks to spend an evening with Him in Kantirava Stadium on 21st Feb! The event was aptly named “Forever Bangalorean…!”


Wow, what a pleasant evening it was. Thousands of citizens from Bangalore, Flood Lights filling the stadium ground, and soothing melodious music. Lots of YES!+ Youth had gathered together and put up a kiosk on the occasion.


Without wasting time in formalities, Sri Sri immediately tuned up with Bangaloreans and spoke about various things we could do in Bangalore. First and foremost, clean and green bangalore. He sighted an example of a city in Maharashtra, where volunteers are taking brooms in hand, and cleaning up the city!!

He said then, that we have to clean up the city from outside and then from inside. The violence in the city was never heard of. In His youth college days, He recalled that when all south India was protesting anti-Hindi slogans, Karnataka remained silent, and preferred to be peaceful. He said, the students even used to get gifts, clothes to make them protest, but they didn’t except it. In those days, there was no view of meat on roadside shops. All non-veg would be available only in one corner of the city, and it would need to be wrapped and hidden and taken, if one wished to. This was because the city had such sensitivity towards anything violent. We need to bring back that violence. He suggested that we should be careful not to give video games to children, which involve shooting or killing a person. Because such children become insensitive to violence, and can commit such violent methods in their future life. We need to be careful in what upbringing we give to children.

He said, He was just coming from a visit to a village in Bihar where 220 maoist activists are caught in the jail. These maoists had taken the breathing process, the Sudarshan Kriya, and experienced a big transformation in their mindset. They were much healed after a meeting with Sri Sri and the reason for their terrorist activities has been lack of spiritual education, pranayam to them, ever before.

He said, “Violence free Society, Disease free body, Quiver free breath, Confusion free mind, Inhibition free intellect, Trauma free memory, Ego that compasses all, and Sorrow free soul are birthrights of each individual.”

He said, eating food raised in chemical fertilised farms is giving body aches to people. Organic farming and its purchase needs to be inculcated.

He gave some fantastic tips to involve people and expand belongingness:- He said, just meet five new people and greet them, ask them how are you, did you have your meal and so on. 

He gave a new perspective to life:- “In a period of say 80 years of life, 40 years are spend sleeping. Daily 2 hours in Bathroom means 8 more years spent in using Bathroom. Then further few more years spent in travelling and eating. only about 10-12 years are spent in actual living, working and in company of people we love. There is so less time to spend being happy! So make a resolution that let’s say every Thursday, I will be happy, come what may! May be my assistant hasn’t done the work, but I will be happy, may be I lost money in share market, but I will be happy today. Postpone any regret or worry or anger for next day! ”

Then He led us into a fantastic “Sookshma Vyayam”, the subtle exercise, starting right on top of head to the bottom of feet. It was so simple and efficient, that in 10 min we felt so very much refreshed. He said, this subtle exercise gives very good circulation in all parts of body. He suggested that everyone should take out time to learn more of yoga, breathing techniques and Sudarshan Kriya.


People doing Asanas in Kantirava Stadium

People doing Asanas in Kantirava Stadium



Then He led us into a guided meditation. He explained that meditation is not concentration, it is mind without agitation.

Finally Sri Sri released a music album called “Ram Priya”, bhajans by Priyadarshini; and Bangalore Mirror members thanked for His coming to the program. 

Bangalorean at heart, in the hearts of Bangaloreans, we love you Sri Sri !


Comments on: "Forever Bangalorean!" (6)

  1. So true..If you forget the whole ram sena affair,Karnataka has always been a very peaceful State..I was in B’lore for 7 years and I loved every moment i spent in B’lore..great post..must have been a fun evening.. 🙂

  2. Shailendra said:

    What a great message by Guruji !

  3. Forever Good Stuff Blog!!

  4. @ Tanmay:- yeah, this place is so peaceful and local people here are so welcoming!

    @ Shailendra:- yeah Shailendra, simple and effective words..

    And thanks Rajesh da! Ich bin glucklich- I am happy to hear that! 🙂

  5. Very nice blog! thanks.

    Doing large-scale change in a society starts with a simple principle – treat it like a system.

    All it takes to change the state of 1 gallon of milk is to inject 1 drop of honey. Sometimes, people use it for their own selfish ends – adding 1 drop of poison instead. Either way, the gallon of milk changes its state.

    I like Sri Sri’s sudharshana Kriya. For most people, who live a hurried life, this is a great way to recharge and refresh. and then what? get back to your routine? what purpose does it achieve?

    As long as one’s mind sees itself as separate from the rest of creation, the problems of hate, lust, greed will resurface and persist. Any relief is only temporary

    The only sustainable way is to fix the problem at the root – ignorance.

    You can then live in a forest or the trading floor; it makes no difference

    good luck and best wishes to all

    • Thanks for the comment!
      Yes, Sri Sri’s approach to social problems is to tackle the root cause, and empower the society by empowering the individuals….
      best wishes to you too.

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