Life and Adventures of YES!+ Youth

Well today I am officially appointed as one of the contributors of this blog.

Many many thanks to Abhay and kudos to him for taking the first step towards bringing together the Bangalore Yesplus gang ONLINE!

There are a lot of Yes+ guys out there with a lot of talent may it be of writing,painting,singing,sports, playing instruments(muscial ahem!) and what not! It is hardly possible for one to know each and every person and how good he/she is in what he/she  is doing!

Also at one point of time there are a lot of events happening simulataneously(some tree plantation,a great satsang somewhre,a fotball match , a trip to somewhere etc..) all over Bangalore.

To put all these things somewhere where everyone can know about it is a great idea. Unfortunately a physical congregation of sorts will be too restricting and limiting.

Here enters  the idea of a blog! If all the YES+ people join as contributors to this blog and post relevant articles it would not only be interesting but also inspiring to others. And new members of the family can easily know what all events are taking place and join them.

A dream for this blog can be that every YES+ graduate soon after coming online looks up for a new article on this blog( of course after checking your Orkut,Facebook,Myspace,twitter,Hi5,Xanga,BEbo….accounts( pardon me if I have missed some!))

First We need to design a cool header for this blog and as such I don’t have any great high-res pics of YES+ bangalore ppl having loads of fun.The image should be full of energy and joy. If anyone of you have it then please send it to me @ . ( or you can provide a link in the comments area)

Lets spread the word and I invite everyone to be on the editorial of this blog.

Jai Gurudev!


Comments on: "A dream and a vision for this blog!" (2)

  1. yes yes! we will soon make it to the homepage of all youth in Bangalore! They will log on to internet with this page! I have already put it as homepage.. 🙂

  2. dude, what next!? action awaited… 🙂

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